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Civil Rights Violations

If you believe your civil rights have been violated

In the United States you have a right to be free from a violation of your civil rights by anyone “acting under color of law.”

Gresham Injury Law Center addresses civil rights violations committed against you in your place of business, or in transactions where you believe you have been discriminated against, such as in the rental market or when applying for a job. These incidents not only are hurtful, they are unlawful, and we are here to ensure the dignity and civil rights of Gresham and East County residents. Understanding your rights is key to getting just compensation if you have experienced or been impacted by unlawful discrimination. Ensuring Gresham and East Country residents’ civil rights is paramount to our firm’s values and beliefs.

An experienced and passionate civil rights lawyer

Senior Lawyer Tom Melville is a tough civil rights advocate and has used the legal system to protect people from discrimination during his decades in practice. He has successfully defended egregious civil rights violations in the federal penal system and has the depth and experience to address such injustices as:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Property and employment practices
  • Unlawful institutional practices
  • Racial discrimination
  • Civil rights violations

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To see Tom in action on a civil rights case that gained national attention, click here.

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Civil rights cases are just one of our specialties

For questions about civil rights issues, or other legal concerns, contact Tom and Annette at the Gresham Injury Law Center for a free consultation regarding the injuries you have suffered. We can be reached by telephone or e-mail, and we always respond promptly.

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